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    GIANT - .290"
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    JUMBO - .210"
    MILK - .180"
    STIRRERS - .100"

    It's Easy Being Green

    As the U.S. and World population is ever increasing, more
    and more pressure is being exerted on the available resources
    of our planet. So anytime renewable resources (materials) can
    be used in a manufacturing process it becomes a benefit to everyone – particularly our future generations.

    Renewable materials are especially important in the production of disposable products – items that individuals use and discard on a daily basis that collectively add up to mountains of problems.

    In recent years, renewable plastics have emerged as an economical and ecologically sound substitute for non - biodegradable, petroleum – based products. These new and innovative resins are now successfully used in thermoforming, blow molding and extrusions – at a pricing structure that is competitive with petroleum based plastics.

    Over the past several years, our company has worked with these resin producers to develop and refine an extrusion process to manufacture high quality biodegradable and compostable drinking straws and stirrers. This process has led to the creation of Earth Straws TM Biodegradable Drinking Straws and Stirrers. These fully biodegradable products have the potential to replace millions of pounds of non-degradable waste in our nation’s landfills each year.

    Some of the Earth Straws TM Biodegradable drinking straws and stirrers qualities include:

    • Production of straighter, more rigid drinking straws
    • Straws and Stirrers that more closely resemble traditional polypropylene straws
    • Full compostability and biodgradability
    • Ability to fully biodegrade in open landfills

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